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Where the Fun Is a Sure Thing

Hansel Gonzalez
October 13, 2016
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We in Atomic wanted to show to our client Irish Greyhound Board all the cool stuff that could (or couldn't) happen in a greyhound race in Ireland. Is more like the satisfaction and happiness compiled and compressed in a greyhound dog shape.

As usual in the advertising world, the deadline is very soon, so we wanted to make something cool in a short time, that's why I used to research some trending and cool illustrations to get inspiration and give my personal touch, because I'm a Art Director so I don't follow a specific style, instead I prefer to adapt myself to the project and produce something really cool and new piece.

So I have shown some references + some personal drawings of how I think this may look good to our Creative Director Anne Flemming, finally it took me a full 3-4 days to finish this up.

I have made a very quick and terrible rough, to present it to the client and also have a general idea of how this would look, then I took 2 A3 pages, made a A2 with them, printed a greyhound silhouette, trace it that shape, and I started to draw all that crazy stuff with regular 2B pencil, I trace it with black market, scanned in 2 (because it was a big illustration) and finally I add pasteles colours and some retouching in photoshop.

I don't know if I should mention this but remember a phrase of our CD "Is so cool that they don't deserve it" and it's a favourite portfolio piece of my copywriter friend Jack Walsh, he just love it. But unfortunately it didn't win any local award in Ireland.

In the colour green you could see a name: Mick the Miller an Irish greyhound dog, he went on to appear in films, and is still considered one of the greatest sporting heroes in the UK, also he is celebrated as the first great racing greyhound to compete in England.

You can see also a rainbow with the word "yes" over it, that was because on that time Ireland was celebrating the elections for the homosexual marriage.

Hansel Gonzalez

Hi, I’m Hansel, I’ve worked in agencies for the last 6 years as Art Director and Creative Illustrator across my native Latin-America and my beloved Ireland.

Now I want to experience more of the working world as creative freelance and offer my skills in illustration, graphic design, crafts, retouching and of course art direction.

I'm looking for cool, creative and interesting projects around the world to add my skills to.

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