Where The Wild Things Are

This illustration is a re-imagination of the classic Children’s Book “Where The Wild Things Are” using a modern colour palette, more simplistic and soft illustration style while maintaining the hand drawn feel of the original. This project was completed using a Wacom tablet and Adobe Illustrator.

Wild Things

As a child I adored the book “Where The Wild Things Are”. The illustrations were striking, and got my young imagination swirling. As an illustrator now creating a children’s book, I wondered what it would look like if you created the iconic scene with a modern design aesthetic. I chose to maintain the pencil crayon/hand-drawn texture of the original book, not only because it is a key element of my personal illustrative style – But because I want to maintain the same feeling I got as a child.

The colour scheme I built is again, a more updated palette in comparison to the washed out neutral hues of the original. I created the palette used to emulate the colour palettes of popular children’s television shows of this decade to draw in the eyes of children.

I kept the shapes and forms more rounded and simplistic to contrast the (sometimes a little scary) sharp teeth and lines from the original.

Wild Things

This product was completed using strictly Adobe Illustrator.

I began with the rough shape outlines created using the pen tool. From there I added in the base colour to each form, followed by the line work for key elements, such as eyes, horns, teeth, Max’s crown, ect. Afterwards I began emphasizing each element with a textured crayon brush, and adding a textured stroke to already existing elements.

Once this was completed the project by adding dimension with texture masks on top of the background elements like the foliage and backgrounds, below the textures strokes.

Wild Things

I’ve gotten great feedback on this product so far, and it has helped to solidify my techniques for adding texture. While I usually clean up and enhance colours in Photoshop post-illustration, this project was one of the first that i’ve done in the single program and helped solidify that sometimes one program is all you need!

If you enjoy my work, i’m currently working on a children’s book of my own! You can keep up with my work on my Behance page @BridgetGeorge! Thanks for looking!

Bridget George


I’m a Canadian Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in London, Ontario! My areas of focus are illustration and branding, with a huge lean towards illustration.