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Wider by Marthe Siestrunck

Wider by Marthe Siestrunck

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January 1, 2016
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Wider takes part of a 2 weeks workshop with the Thomson Reuters Foundation. The main goal of the application was to create a new app for press and how to involve people into it. During they workshop’s first week we developed the concept together. To change our way of reading news, they worked on 2 key points : only one edition each week to give a detailed analysis of the subject to the reader and a global overview by crossing different medias and opinions on the week’s subject (BBC, ViceNews …). In this way the user can create his own opinion of the news.

Marthe Siestrunck

During the second week of the workshop we started designing and coding the app. We worked together on the application’s design. First we created a navigation system, we wanted something simple and intuitive for the user. We also worked on text's hierarchy which is really really important in press, and how to highlight the different opinions. It was a challenge because we used real content and we wanted something easy and enjoyable to read.
-Marthe Siestrunck

Marthe Siestrunck

Marthe Siestrunck

We had the chance to be in Amsterdam for the conception of this project. It is a very inspiring city by its libraries and museums. Our main inspiration is print design, newspaper and magazine. It was very interesting to see how we could use print system (for typography, layout..) to create a digital project.
-Marthe Siestrunck





Wider lets you create your own opinion on a news through different points of view.
-Marthe Siestrunck




Pay attention to details. ;)
-Marthe Siestrunck


Wider is created by:
Benjamin Vimont:
Sylvain Reucherand:
Marthe Siestrunck:
Clément Bardon:

About the Wider Team and Marthe Siestrunck

Wider’s team is composed by 2 iOS developers (Clément Bardon and Sylvain Reucherand) and 2 designers (Marthe Siestrunck and Benjamin Vimont). We worked on this concept app together during our master degree in interactive design at Gobelins school in Paris. See more of their work on on their website: Benjamin, Sylvain, Marthe, and Clément.

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