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Wilson Championship Special Edition 100 Years

Wilson Championship Special Edition 100 Years

Yolanda Sabuz Vidal
February 5, 2018
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Wilson is a brand that designs and manufactures sports equipment. One of the things that is is famous for its tennis equipment and all related items with tennis, also competitions.
For this project, we are designing and developing a packaging and graphic design for a Wilson's three tennis balls pack, for its 100 years centenary.
The elements that were designed were the ball, the packaging and the glorifier and the island for the shop.

Taking care about the soul of the brand and its idea of business, we focus our design in why, how and for what someone want to play tennis. The inner reason of that. For us, it is the improvement in your game, the capability you have for that improvement: "you are the only one who can beat yourself".
According to our theme, we use in the graphics the elements of tennis: the rackets, the balls and the net, creating patterns from this elements. The gold color for the pattern that is used is based on the 100 anniversary. The gradient because of the improvement movement.
For the packaging structural design, we use a triangle, also symbol of improvement.

As in all design projects our first step was to create our concept, and with that, to begin sketching. After a couple of meetings with our tutors, we agree the structural design, a triangle, based on all our key points. At the same time, we create proposals for the graphics, always playing with different kinds of gradients and trying to include in the graphics all elements from tennis.

For the graphics we use Illustrator and Photoshop. This pack was also a small product design. For the 3D modelling of this we used Autodesk Alias and the rendering was made with Keyshot, applying directly a label in it. After that, in some of them, we correct or apply some items in Photoshop.

When we make the presentation in front or our classmates and teachers and tutors they were really happy. This project had not a lot of time to be done (just a few days class, a couple of weeks in time) so it was very compact, so they were somehow proud of the result, same as us.

One of the best things that we learned working in this project, was to get a strong concept, and apply it until the end of the project, and be able to appear along all items that has being design.

Apart from the stress that all design projects have, it is very important that you enjoy and learn from what you are working in, and be able to use this experience in the future, for other projects or just for you.

Team by Yolanda Sabuz, María Antonia Hincapié,
María del Mar Zea
Tutorized by Marc Catalá, Eduard Juanola
Master in Packaging Design, ELISAVA, Barcelona 2017.

Yolanda Sabuz Vidal

Explorer, traveller and food lover
Industrial Designer and 3D Modeller based in Barcelona
Actually working as IcemSurf modeller for Italdesign Giugiaro Barcelona and I just finished a master in Packaging Design at Elisava

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