Windows X Concept by Dmitry Pryanik

So, Windows 10 just recently rolled out and there has been a lot of good and a few negative feedback. Web Designer, Dmitry Pryanik unsatisfied with the User Interface (UI) took it to himself to redesign the Operating System. Read on to see what he came up with!

Windows X – it’s my vision of the minimum interface changes that Microsoft should do with their operating system. I didn’t want to go into too much details (perfect icons design, thinking through layout, etc.) My goal was to make less changes and to show how easy it is to make system looks better.I didn’t like that there was no unified style. They have used flat metro style for a couple of years, but system icons and some UI still looked like Windows XP. Even after Windows X release there are still some elements with old design. With this project, I was inspired by Google material design.

-Dmitry Pryanik

Dmitry Pryanik


I don’t have enough experience to give pieces of advice. But, what I can say is that be cool and creative.
-Dmitry Pryanik

About Dmitry Pryanik

Dmitry Pryanik is a theme designer from Ukraine, currently residing in Lviv. He has 3 years of professional and he creates HTML and WordPress theme for ThemeForest. See more of his work on Behance.