Wine Label Design by Emily Muir

Emily Muir, a senior student at Jacksonville State University, created the wine label design project for her graphic design class. It was all about creating a wine, wine label and a thank you note for the Birmingham Zoo. Let us read on and take a close look on her final output of the said project. Enjoy!

Behind the Wine Label Design:
So the idea was to use one of the animals they have and incorporate it into the design. We even had to “make” the wine (pick which kind, what was in it, which vineyard produced it) and its description. There were many animals to choose from, but the name “Otterly Amazing” popped into my head and there was not turning back. I pulled out my sketch book and started throwing out ideas on to pap, like classing wine label characteristics (script typefaces, classic layout, square labels, etc). When I took my ideas into the computer, I thought it would look ascetically pleasing to design the optical illusion of an otter using geometric shapes. I did about 7 different types, but know of them really looked like an appropriate label. I literally went to the drawing board. I pulled out my pencils and watercolors, and painted what is currently on the bottle. After I painted it on paper I scanned it onto my computer and edited it an little more. I was still working on the design and layouts of square labels. When I was working on the type, I thought of the idea for a wrap around label and having the top of the bottle covered in wax. Three different layouts later, I designed was is displayed. And it took about 20 attempts to perfectly line up the label. The thank you tag plays off the shape of the front and back parts of the label, a simple oval. It has a water texture to represent the otter and a roped twine to match the color of the otter.

– Emily Muir













About Emily Muir

Emily Muir is currently a senior at Jacksonville State University, studying Art with a concentration in graphic design. She is also getting a minor in marketing so that she can start her career in advertising. She has lived in Alabama her entire life and being in one place gave her the urge to travel. She loves going to new place and just exploring. One of her hobbies is trying new thing and getting out of her comfort zone. That is what influences her art the most, adventure. You will find her exploring abandoned buildings or interesting places every time she is in a creative slump. It gets her mind off whats at hand then lets her refocus on what needs to be done. Art is her passion and she is extremely blessed to be able to do what she loves everyday. You can find more of her artworks on her Behance profile or website.