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Brenda Silva
July 29, 2022
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This environment was developed and thought to present some important products and coatings for decoration. I chose to use tones that contrast, and warm up the environment like wood and warm lights. I really wanted to use more modern tableware, hence the idea of ​​opting for black pieces, I believe it brings a lot of elegance and that modern air to the environment, and finally using white to soften and give that final touch.

The product I chose was one that I had already worked on developing some images for the Biancogres catalogue, in this case it was Calacata Altíssimo (Satin for the floor and polished for the walls) the format used was 60x120cm.
The basin in particular was the Deca model (LK P.2395) Ebony black - very modern *-*.
TOTO Overlay Basin - More organic design.


I had many engagements with this project. The suppliers I mentioned in the description wanted to repost and many people liked it on the official VWArtclub page, who also asked to post on the official website. I was really happy for all this interaction with this image.

The objective here was to demonstrate the quality of the images that we were able to achieve with our work, I really believe that this dedication to details, whether in an incredible product like this, or with the general theme to be followed, mood and lighting are extremely important. In the era we live in, we can no longer accept meaningless rendering, we must use the tools to enhance our presentations and bring as much realism to the surface as possible. This certainly delights any customer, and brings that security when choosing products for your home, as well as making life easier for architects.

Brenda Silva

3D artist CEO of Studio Conectarq.
I try to achieve excellence in my service and provide incredible sensations with my deliveries.

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