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Wire Egg Packaging

Wire Egg Packaging

Satya srivastava
June 24, 2018
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The aim of this exercise was protecting 4 eggs in transit from store to home using least possible material. This was a classroom project. An interesting part of the project was interpreting the brief. So, the term "least possible material" meant a lot of things. The material could be least in regards to its weight, cost or the carbon footprint it produces while being manufactured. I interpreted it visually. Bringing eggs home using least possibly visible material.

I chose to go with wire as a packing material because (a) it is linear in nature so, you cannot reduce anymore material. (b) it is a sustainable alternative to plastic or paper. (c) the material is also stronger and more durable.

Using this unconventional material also provided additional value to the customer's experience of using the product. For example, the package can accommodate various sizes of eggs. The buyer can inspect the condition of the eggs while buying. The user can take the package back to the store and reuse it.

After doing a few doodles on a sheet of paper I started experimenting with a soft aluminium wire. Bending, turning and twisting it around, over and under eggs I roughly got an idea of how are the eggs going to be held. Then a quick round of testing was done to eliminate the frames that didn't do well when shaken.

Colleagues and faculties were really showing support and enthusiasm during the process that helped me get out of the ruts. After this project I was able to recognise and appreciate other products that did effective utilisation of the material used to manufacture them. This will really push me to critically analyse the materials I use in future projects. To understand how their properties affect the life cycle of the products.

Satya srivastava

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