Witches’ Familiars by Llew Mejia

Who among you here are familiar with familiars? Sounds weird, right? But familiar, in other meaning, is a spirit often embodied in an animal and held to attend and serve or guard a person. So, today’s feature is about familiars that are mirrored to cats. Read on and be amazed on these designs created by Llew Mejia, a stylistic illustrator skilled in hand-drawn illustration, pattern or print, packaging, branding, and computer generated illustration. Enjoy!

As far as the cat illustration, I made it as part of a zine about the supernatural world and the natural world that I created. I love cats so it was also a way to just draw a bunch of cats. I like the idea of witches having a demon friend which resembles a cat who helps them in their malicious deeds which is what a familiar is meant to do. But as far as tools believe it or not I just sketch it in pencil and scan it then do a final all in Photoshop.

– Llew Mejia


 About Llew Mejia

Llew Mejia is a stylistic illustrator skilled in hand-drawn illustration, pattern/print, packaging, branding, and computer generated illustration. His interests include travel, textiles, fashion, folk art, wallpaper, and all types of candy. In his younger years, his family traveled back and forth between Mexico and the Southwestern United States. As a result he is bilingual and has a unique perspective on American as well as Mexican culture. Llew enjoys long walks on the beach as well as, working on patterns for print, lettering, painting, buying random taxidermy and perusing through old occult books. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.