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(W/L)ife by Ata Mohammadi

(W/L)ife by Ata Mohammadi

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September 25, 2015

Wife and Life by photographer Ata Mohammadi is a tribute to all the women in the world. It also a project that aims to raise equality and fair treatment to women. He used hair in this series to symbolize beauty and delicacy of women.

She is a unique creation with every aspect of her being There’s a woman within me, who smells like apples It all depends on your glance - How do you paint it? the strokes of your glance, defines him. She’s a mother She’s a sister She’s a woman. She’s life itself. She holds you within herself with all her being, and her eyes defines anticipation and she’ll support you fully. Her eyes are a strange spectrum. She’ll give you her all. Just be a good keeper... (All of the photos assembled by hand, and the software is not involved.)
-Ata Mohammadi

Ata Mohammadi

Ata Mohammadi

Ata Mohammadi

Ata Mohammadi

(W/l)ife was not a random project but a 26-year-old memory. Regardless of technology and IT development, we still observe women and girls who are victims of violence or treated unfairly. Our view and observance towards women have not changed at all. In this project, I have selected hair - for its ultra-delicacy and beauty- as the metaphor for woman. The other objects mingled with the hair represent the confessions of pain and difficulties that woman can face.
-Ata Mohammadi






I'm interested in surreal school and also montage technique. Besides, Polish graphic style has inspired me to depict what I need to convey. In this project, the montage is hand made, meaning all the objects were created and then staged photography was performed, without any software manipulations. There are ten 100*70 mono-color frames -greenish brown- shot by Nikon D800 camera and via 85 and 200-70 lenses.
-Ata Mohammadi





About Ata Mohammadi

Ata Mohammadi, born in 1989 in Tehran, IRAN. Studied Bachelor of Graphic Design at Rozbeh Institute of Higher Education in Zanjan. Diploma / Post Diploma of Graphic Design at Islamic Azad University of Shahr­e­ Qods and a Baccalaureate / High School Diploma in Graphic at Shahid Modarres Art School. Ata is a self-­taught photographer and has received various awards in Photography. See more of his works on Behance.

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  1. Wow! This is exactly what art is, at least to me. Conveying a message through art simply but in a powerful tone. I'm obsessed!

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