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Wood & Marble

Wood & Marble

Maya Ghannoum
May 5, 2018
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Wood & Marble is a project of private residential villa in Saudi Arabia. This villa has two floors, the living room is on the ground floor with the guest room and kitchen on the First floor there is the Bedrooms and its bathroom and closet. The villa has great, huge windows on the main facade of the building and an open area that connects the living room, the male guest room and the entrance together. With simple white ceiling and dark floor the ground floor make an elegant and cozy impact.

The Modern style of the room was chosen to make something new, different, Modern and fresh. I wanted to give something elegant but simple at the same time, give details but in a different way. The Two main Materials are Marble and Wood with Dark carpet and some bright furniture to make warmer atmosphere with an elegant design

As any other project the Tools are always the same but the result has to be always unique.
First i used my imagination and some papers to put all of my ideas that I wanted to create.
Second, Autocad drawings.
Third, 3ds Max buildng and rendering with v-ray.
The final touches were made with Adobe photoshop for the final results.

I was really proud of myself with this project, and really happy with all the responses and the positive comments that I got. The most amazing thing that the costumer was really happy and satisfied with the results. It is really great to have this kind of support and encouragement. I did learn a lot of new things from this project, that is you have to enjoy what your are doing to do it the best way you can. Every project you have, you have to work on it with love and passion, and you have to take care of its all details.

Maya Ghannoum

I am Syrian/Polish Architect, I graduated from the faculty of Architecture in 2016. Now I am Architectural Master Student at the Damascus University in Syria.
I have worked in Bahaa Alhalabi interior Design Studio as an Architect , and now I am working in a company for Design and Decoration in Kuwait.

I took a place in the MAG LAB competition – Get to know Syria competition and won the third prize in a group project.

I also participated in several workshops at the Damascus University and one of the workshops was in collaboration with The Royal Academy of Fine Arts- School of Architecture in Demark (Syria – Pre/Pro/Post Change ), and I took a part in several exhibitions in Venice and Germany, and worked as a volunteer in The TedxYouth @Jahez that was organized in Damascus.

I am also a member in Urbegony - Architects without borders. Syria , A group of specialists interested and concerned with urbanization and architecture that observes spatial, urban, and architectural changes of the built and social environment.

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