Wooden by Pum

Wooden™ by Pum is a series of toy characters developed by Felipe Magario and Javier Cifre. It was designed to go with any woodturning parts of tables, beds, benches or whatever we could find on the streets of São Paulo. Its concept was due our studio’s ideal of implementing new ideas in order to improve our creative skills and to experience new tools.

The whole family was released on the annual Feira Plana Book Fair during the January — 2016. They will soon be available on our Etsy Store.

The idea was to create a new area of development inside our studio. From time to time we try new design experiences involving artwork or technology so we can evolve as professionals, stay creative and build businesses opportunities.

With a low budget and as an experience project, we try to start with what already was available on the streets. And we were really into working with wood, so we walked through a district where we could find enough materials to start designing with practicing. Of course we ended up coming back to buy new stuff and lost some materials, but this first moment was essencial to build both an design character identity and a building process.

We used small woodturning parts that are sold separately with the purpose of repairing damaged tables or chairs. These materials were sawn of, sanded and drilled in order to customize them as characters.

Small pieces such as heads and noses and top of the head were made of prefabricated wood parts.

It is doing pretty good! We started selling on book fairs and people were actually taking pictures and had many costumers asking about pricing. And now that we have included the project on our portfolio, people and websites are have shown great interest in it.

With this project we have learn a lot about technical aspects of handling wood.

Pum Pum