Woozy Winery

This is a concept branding of a winery called Woozy. The following graphics show the logo and its usage, applicable supporting graphics, typography, colors and patterns. The Branding elements are then applied on business cards, digital website, and wine label.

I was creating icons of wine glasses and wanted to make an example of how they can be used. While creating that I decided to extend it into a developed brand. Most wineries have a cursive logo with the name of the winery’s owner. They are often very serious and elegant. I wanted to make something different. I chose colors and patterns that are more festive and fun and remind of celebration and happy moments.

Adobe Illustrator was used to create all digital vector graphics such as the logo, the icons and the patterns. I made a separate Illustrator artboard the has the dimensions of a smartphone and I used all parts to design a website look and feel.
I used adobe Photoshop and free mock-ups available on the web to create the business cards and to paste my website design within the frames of a smartphone.

The responses to this projects have been good so far. Since it is fairly new, I am looking forward to hearing more from people. This is just a concept and not a real brand. However, it was very fun to do it and is a great exercise and inspiration for every designer.

Daniela Dimitrova