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Wounded by Max Vatblé

Wounded by Max Vatblé

Honey Adraque
May 26, 2015
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Our featured photographs for today are inspired from conflict and riot. These conveys what violence can do and how it looks like with the photographer's twist of showing the violence with the use of some digital effects. Let us read on get some ideas on how to do this kind of photography. Enjoy!

This work, "wounded", was a work following another work, called "riot". The main inspiration was in the conflict, the riot. This serial of portraits were a way of showing the violence of conflict, riot, without showing actual violence, just the effects. I also really liked to work with brights colors, sport jackets. I also worked recently on a photoshoot and art direction on a book about hardcore music: Gabber, and right now I'm working on a project about Vandal Graffiti.

- Max Vatblé

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About Max Vatblé

Max Vatblé is a french student in 5th and last year of Art Direction, at the school of graphic arts ESAG PENNINGHEN, in Paris. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or Tumblr.

One comment on “Wounded by Max Vatblé”

  1. I feel the photographs tell the right story. The lighting is also very telling and I like everything about it at this point!

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