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Wundernote App by Sati Taschiba

Wundernote App by Sati Taschiba

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February 2, 2016

Everyday on UI/UX designer Sati Taschiba's work she do the same things in the same corporate style because of her employer's style guide. That's why she have decided to at least make some time for different projects. One of it is Wundernote App.

I have made it just for fun to practice different style and sharpen illustrator skills. I have bachelor of arts and started my career as graphic designer. A few years later I understand that world is changing and I need to change my direction to the Web Design. Since that time I'm working as UI Designer in-game company for two years. I love good stories, fairy tales with beautiful and Happy Ends. In this project, for my inspiration I used story "Alice im Wunderland" (ger.) about crazy garden, beautiful colors and magic atmosphere. That's why I called this App a bit similar: Wundernote. This means wonderful Application for taking notes.
-Sati Taschiba

Sati Taschiba

When I have made a quick research first I recognized was that all Apps looks the same way with the same UI elements. In this project I tried to go out of the box and use unique illustrations, icons so it will stand in the other more creative row from others. My style is clean, colorful and bright. For inspiration I often use Behance website, movies, beautiful and incredible stories, my personal life :) The ebst advice I can give is to be more creative, work as much as you can and follow your dreams! Everything is possible if you want it!
-Sati Taschiba

About Sati Taschiba

Sati Taschiba is a UI Designer based in Los Angeles, California. As a child she learned in Art School, so she hopes that she is also good illustrator. Sati loves sports and ice cream. See more of her works on Behance.

3 comments on “Wundernote App by Sati Taschiba”

  1. I like your color choices. It's fresh. I also like the touch of Alice in Wonderland style here.
    Nice work!

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