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Yakwax Crunchy Lane Boards by Sam Falla

Yakwax Crunchy Lane Boards by Sam Falla

Honey Adraque
May 28, 2015
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Yakwax Crunchy Lane Boards is created for cuntry lane and wax, a small skate shop in the Channel Islands Guernsey. The designs were created by Sam Falla, an illustrator and graphic designer from Guernsey who happens to be a regular customer in the said skate shop. His designs are interesting in such a way that it is funny yet a very useful one. Read on and see for yourself. Enjoy!

I created the board graphic for Cuntry Lane and Yakwax, a small skate/surf shop run by friends in the Channel Islands Guernsey. It's my local skate shop, I've been buying hardware and clothes from there since I started skating. A group of friends started the little brand called Cuntry Lane, and Yakwax produces and distributes all the brands boards through their shop.

- Sam Falla



The cow character was massively inspired by the fact that Guernsey is known for its cows and the amazing milk they produce, and it's become a running theme in the Yakwax/Cuntry Lane boards. As the artwork is obviously a cereal parody, I was widely inspired by Kellogg's packaging and advertisement that I was exposed to as a kid, so the graphic is more reminiscent of the style of cereal boxes from the mid nineties. I originally started thinking about and searching for the Kellogg's bicycle stickers I remembered from my childhood, and it really inspired me to want to make a cereal box parody.

- Sam Falla


After numerous doodles, sketches, brainstorms, and idea generation lists, I started experimenting with simple shapes and type in Adobe Illustrator. I then draw out the cow character on to paper, and used the pen tool in illustrator to vector over my character. To create the Yakwax type, I looked for the most similar typeface to the Kellogg's logo I could find, then traced out the letters on paper and re drew some of the letterforms to emulate the style of the Kellogg's logo more accurately. I created the cereal letters by distorting typefaces, then using the scale, rotation, and shear tools in illustrator.

- Sam Falla



Coming up with the ingredients list was funny. It mostly involved hanging out with my friends whilst they drank a few beers and helped me think up all sorts of funny ideas. It's the first of three graphics in a breakfast themed series of boards, the next two are in the pipeline, so keep an eye out.

- Sam Falla


About Sam Falla

Sam Falla is a 26 year old illustrator and graphic designer from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. He's been living now in Barcelona. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile.

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