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Yamish by Wafaa Samir

Yamish by Wafaa Samir

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July 3, 2015

The Ramadan season seems to bring out the creativity of our Muslims friends. Wafaa Samir, a 24-year-old artist from Cairo, thought of a project that she could do during the Ramadan, thus the birth of her project - 'Yamish'. Read on to see her very interesting work pattern design.

The patterns were created using 'Yamish' which is a popular treat in Egypt during Ramadan. The treat is simply a combination of dried fruits and nuts usually mixed with milk.
Designing the patterns was completely spontaneous. I brought the treat and started playing with it. The lighting also was very simple, one direct source of light from above.
-Wafaa Samir




I wanted to make something related to Ramadan so I started thinking about the objects and the products that usually appear during Ramadan. It was a long list of things that are related to the month, but I chose Yamish because of its variety of colors and shapes.
-Wafaa Samir

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Always try to Look at things from as many perspectives as you can.
-Wafaa Samir


Wafaa Samir is a 24-year-old artist based in Cairo, Egypt. Although she've explored different art mediums, Photography has been always her favorite. Wafaa's passion for photography started in 2010 when she was in her second year in college studying something completely different, architecture. Three years later.. after receiving her BA, she decided to follow her real passion and dedicate her time to arts and photography. See more of her work at Behance.

2 comments on “Yamish by Wafaa Samir”

  1. Very creative the patterns are really nice. It does reminds me of patterns you see in clothes. I think this could be even cool in a dress! Great Job!

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