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Yellow Stair

Yellow Stair

Giorgos Tataridis
May 18, 2017
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The Yellow Stair project was made to show that one color, one shape or one thing that is enough to change everything. The space with the green around is quite, the interior design also, and then is coming that central stair and everything is changing. Makes the interior alive and the combination of yellow color and that shape makes it adamant.

The idea is the central yellow stair. The style is a mix of industrial with modern. I used the yellow color with the leather because yellow is happy color and the leather is more serious, and with that, I can keep the balance. The art paintings make it more enjoyable, and it keeps your imagination alert.

I made it with 3ds Max & Vray.I also used Photoshop that always improves your final result. The tricky part is the beginning, the idea and the modeling of the apartment. After that is easier and you start to enjoy the project more and more. So the idea is a very important part, to start and to finish one project.

Some people really loved it. It depends on your personal preferences because the colors are very intense. And for me, it was something new and different because is completely out of my own style. But I'm contented with the result because it is very close to what I thought before I started.

Do that you do with passion and love.That is the only way to make something fresh and different.

Georgios Tataridis

My name is Georgios Tataridis and I'm an interior designer.
My passion is my work and i really love it.

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