This project was created only for the sole purpose of my portfolio. “YES WE ARE” (fictional company) is an African fashion company which incorporates African models, designers and traditional African fashion style. You can shop and buy clothing, watches and other accessories for men, women and children. This website offers modern, retro style, classic and street style clothing. We believe that you can find everything you need from my website.

I’m from the Republic of Georgia and my country is mostly free from racism, but I know that in some countries there are people who believe, for one reason or another, that African dress is not fashionable. I love their style and fashion and I believe that their traditional use of different bright colors incorporated into their clothing is eye catching, fun and upbeat.

I was watching FTV and realized that some designers were using “memphis” style and I thought that the memphis style too closely resembled African style. These designers love bright colors and were using this in everything from clothes, accessories and even body art.
I did more research on “African styles” and was so inspired and impressed that I wanted to create an African clothing website to sell traditional African apperal . I usedsome of the latest Dolce & Gabbana collections to feature on this website, along with some lessor or unknown designer’s work. So, thisproject is ’bout “NO TO RACISM.”

In the construction of this website, I used Photoshop so I could outfit models with some clothing designs from other designers and some of the designs were mine, inspired by the research that I did into this subject. For the UI kits, I used Adobe Illustrator which I think helped me to make this website exciting to browse.

My main purpose was to show how beautiful and exciting African clothing could be in any style or age and how any person can broaden their fashion tastes by supplementing their closets with different styles from other cultures. People of African descent have been successful in many avenues of life up to and including sports, dance, music, intellectual property and many others. I wanted to impress upon, with this project, that specific African cultural dress can be stylish, fanciful and fun to wear. I believe that this website has captured what I wanted to say about African fashion.

If you want to see full project you can go to this link :

Samuel Muzaevi

Web / Graphic Designer from Tbilisi, Georgia