Young Couple’s Living Room

This project was developed for a young couple. This couple recently moved to their dream’s apartment that is located at South part of Florianópolis isle, in Brazil. The whole living has 17m². I’ve created a modern, urban ambient with the contrast between black and white traces. That has featured yellow elements.

I’ve worked with grey painting on the walls, gray tiles on the floor and coating of brick on the walls. The goal of these elements was to bring the contemporary style of the clients to the project. I also wanted to create a cozy ambient that can also be functional and aesthetic. To do so, I had to adequate the furniture that the clients already had to the concept and added new elements like the creation of the custom-made TV panel.

I’ve used the software Promob Studio + Real Scene and Photoshop. I started with a briefing with clients, understanding your needs and preferences. I made the measurement in the apartment and started the project in the promob studio program. After some changes, I rendered the images through the real scene. I treated the images in photoshop for the final touches.

It was wonderful to work in this project. Make people’s dream come true through the work is something really amazing. By this conception I could know myself better as interior designer and bring new solution to the projects that are about to come.

Louise Vitonski

Interior designer from Brazil.