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Your Nike ID by Sara Enríquez

Your Nike ID by Sara Enríquez

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November 1, 2015
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Your Nike Id is an experimental web concept for Nike, based on the colour and shape of the shoes. Each model is treated as a unique piece. In most of Visual Designer Sara Enríquez's designs, she attempts to maintain the base she developed during her studies, in terms of drawing and painting. She always try to make used of all the skills acquired in her life, and make sure they are present in every project. In this case the sneakers acquire a similarity to an artwork with distinctive colour bursts. On the technical side, Your Nike ID is a responsive website for desktop, iPad and mobile. Each device has its own design, as my method of work is always one design for every device. The user experience is very smooth and the explosions of colour fill the screen to create the visual effect.


In work we do not usually do things that we love but, we must try that all the ideas we have to come true. If we don’t have time we seek for it, if we don’t know something, ask everybody, if we believe that we can’t do anything, fail until we get it. That’s the real path. This site comes out from this philosophy, when projects or ideas occur to me, I seek time anywhere to make it real and feel satisfied with my work. At the end, we are what we are when we leave work.
-Sara Enríquez


The truth is that I've always enjoyed the experience that sports websites offer. Nike, Adidas and Puma are trademarks that take a lot of care with their aesthetics and visual effects, something I really respect. I wanted to give it a go and after a lot of hard work I developed this website Your Nike ID.Inspiration is always fleeting but I believe in love at first sight.
-Sara Enríquez


Sometimes the first ideas are the best and as much as you mull over other ideas, you might end up coming back to that initial spark of inspiration. I figured sneakers on a color run or exploiting and did. Often for me, it's easier to face a blank page with one decent idea than with a lot of nonsense ideas.
-Sara Enríquez


I find it difficult to define my own style. I believe that in this profession there are two moments, one in which you have to adapt to client’s pre-defined styles, and the other when you freelance and sit at the computer you take the tablet and you do whatever you most want to at the time. Thanks to these moments I am free.
-Sara Enríquez


My main inspirations vary depending on the type of design that is unfolding. As for important designers in my life; Sagmeister, Jessica Walsh, Jessica Hische, Milton Glaser, Andrés Requena, Pablo Abad, Alex Trochut are my favorites. When it comes to design studios I really like Futura, Anagrama, Empatía, Menta, Bendita Gloria, Kokoro & Moi, relajaelcoco and many others. And for digital studios; Serial Cut, Studio JQ, Designit, Sebas & Clim. I could spend all day listing things.
-Sara Enríquez


Look, look and look even more. Those dead hours spent looking at websites you are improving your visual culture and educating your eye. Ask and ask, everyone and especially yourself, what you want to achieve and how far you want to go. If someone says no to you, do not accept it, but if they build on something with you, then listen and learn. Lose the fear of change, failing is when you learn the most, and in this profession you have to fail a lot and be proud of it. To end with, I’ll leave you with a phrase I repeat to myself a lot, "Be brave and trust yourself".
-Sara Enríquez


About Sara Enríquez

Sara Enríquez is a visual and interaction designer from Galicia, in the north of Spain. She studied a Fine Arts degree but specialized in Visual Design and UI/UX. She then took two masters, one for Design and Developer tools and the other was more focused on Design thinking and creativity. She has worked in advertising but then she shifted to the world of innovation and service design. Currently,she works for an International strategic design company named Designit as a visual designer who develop digital products for real people. See more of her works on Behance.

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