Mexico D.F. is developing new and extraordinary urban interventions with the aim of utilizing the existing cavities with potential. In this case the “Mercado Morera” located below one of the most congested freeways becomes one of the great examples of this ongoing scene. Yumi-Yumi is a brand new concept for Japanese cuisine, the client hired us to design an integral project including the brand identity.

I searched for inspiration in downtown Mexico City, in the chinatown area. Flavors, scents, textures, gift shops. Everything in our surrounding is a fountain of inspiration. I used the Adobe Capture app to create my color palette, and several old books guided my creativity. The design proposal had the objective of being easily replicated in multiple locations. TDDA partnered with Latente to develop the graphic design, we worked through a multidisciplinary process to engage the industrial design, typographies and architecture. The result transforms the typical sushi bar and integrates a whole concept for the traditional rice bowl.

I start sketching everything by hand. Then search for book inspirations, old engraving illustrations in libraries, old house books. I use adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to edit my sketches and then all my creative process basically resides in AI.

The tools I used in this particular project where:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Capture (app)
Adobe Lightroom

I learned that teamwork is always important. The collaboration we made with the TDDA architects was very smooth. Each artist standing in their ground but providing great feedback to each other. We created a cohesive concept that revealed the brand in every visual aspect.

Diego Leyva

Designer of Visual Information. My job is to create concepts and design experiences to get exquisite results. I deeply believe in the power of good design, in attention to every single detail and the transmission that every visual form gives.