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Zaha Light by Kuzma Kuznetsov

Zaha Light by Kuzma Kuznetsov

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May 13, 2016
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Kuzma Kuznetsov's "ZAHA LIGHT" is a llaser cut futuristic style ceiling pendant with bionic avant-garde form and modern mandala design inspired by Zaha Hadid (an Iraqi architect and the first Arab woman who received the Pritzker Architecture Prize, winning it in 2004.) architecture.

I simply bought IKEA cardboard plafond,installed it and immediately caught idea how to make more interesting version of pendant light. Actually I invented frameless plafond using a faceted prototype form then turned it into a smooth form. I make sketch and then make drawing development of this product. Then I start search materials to produce it and find synthetic felt as flexible, bright, warm and cozy material that holds a form of the plafond.

- Kuzma Kuznetsov

The process was very simple: 1) Catch idea from analog, 2) Make hand sketch, 3) Make 3d faceted form concept with Blender, 4) Use Pepakura designer for drawing development, 5) Use DraftSight for finish detailing drawing of this product, 6) Make paper prototype and check it, 7) Make correction, 8) Search materials and producer, 9) Make final product and last but not the least - 10) Make the box for packaging.
- Kuzma Kuznetsov

People show sincere interest to this project. Now I also plan to submit this project to Red dot award. By this project I derive pleasure of realization process from idea to real product and enjoy workflow adventure. I have learned different new materials and production nuances. I'll use this experience inside my future design workflow.

- Kuzma Kuznetsov

About Kuzma Kuznetsov

Kuzma Kuznetsov is an architect, interior and product designer from Saint-Petersburg. Kuzma really enjoy the design process and playing music. He have dreamed to combine music, design and other arts to some one inspirational workflow.

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