Zairvs – Human Hair Couture

Zairvs is a fashion house based out of Guadalajara inspired by astrology and mysticism, creating unique pieces using human hair as a main material. For this project, we created a brand story that revolves around Zairvs as a mysterious and mythical being, a granter of inner sight to those who find her. Based on this, we took various elements of the myth and pieced together the visual identity of the brand, using a mix of illustrations, photography and collages.

We were fascinated by the idea of working with Zaira González, a fashion designer that is making unique pieces out of human hair. We wanted to create a brand that was coherent with the quality of the pieces and with her own personality. So we decided to write a brand story that was all about a mystical creature that is hidden somewhere in the “galactic ocean” and that all travelers that got to find it, would get a revelation about themselves.
All illustrations and messages move around this legend and give the brand the mystery it needs.

As with all of our projects, we start sketching with pencil and paper.
Only after we are comfortable and excited about some of the ideas, we go to the computer and use the Adobe Suite (mainly Illustrator and Photoshop) to get to the final results.

It has been one of our favourite projects so far. The brand story behind it and all the pieces that came out of it are fascinating and we feel very proud of the results.
In this project we had total freedom to let our creativity flow! We know this isn’t always the case so we are very thankful with our client for giving us her trust.

Heavy Tons of Branding

Heavy is a design studio based in Guadalajara, México that specializes in branding and corporate identity, founded by Lane Cope and Sofía Vargas in 2016.
They are crazy about illustration, photography, art direction and defining brand strategies to create brands that stand out in their business. They also like puppies.
You can find more of their work at