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Zen Life

Zen Life

Sophie Fernandez
May 20, 2019
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Zen Life is a healthy lifestyle blog. Its content is mainly about meditation, nutrition and fitness. Zen Life gives advice to lead a healthier and more balanced life. Her founder, a young blogger, was interested in creating an identity for her new blog. The principal aim of the project was to create a simple but well-designed identity.

When we started developing ideas for the identity, the client was very clear about a thing: she wanted nature to be part of her brand. The first options were based on the lotus flower. This flower is known to symbolize purity because it blooms in muddy waters. However, lotus flower was already used by many brands. We wanted to think outside the box, so I did a thoroughly research to find an animal that met the clients criteria for the brand.

We found out that the fox was a great choice. It was the animal we were looking for. The fox is a highly intelligent, agile mammal. It is restless and adapts easily just like Zen Life.

The color palette is composed by two different kinds of green and a very pale yellow. The colors were chosen because of their meaning. The green represents nature. In psychology, it symbolizes hope and good health. It’s a relaxing and refreshing color associated with harmony and serenity.

For the creation of the Zen Life identity I first made several sketches in paper. Then I chose the better ones and used Adobe Illustrator to vectorize them. The fox was made with a geometrical grid and a lot of circles.

Adobe Photoshop was used for the creation of the labels, the web banners and the web site.

It was a great experience to work with a blogger. She was very happy with the final product. She receive a lot of positive feedback from her followers. They were delighted with the site. The end users have a great connection with the site. She also got a lot of new subscribers.

When you work in design, you got to understand the target audience and the client needs. In this case I was able to create what the client was looking for. The blogger was connected with my style and it was a very nice job.

Sophie Fernandez

Sophie Fernandez is a freelance graphic and web designer based in Costa Rica. She is passionate about web design and has experience in UI/UX and Web Apps.

Contact: [email protected]

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