Zhanjiang Culture Center

“Zhanjiang Culture center” is located in Zhanjiang, China. Designed by GDADRI. We honored to provide the visualization rendering service for this project. Finally we presented the great job and well excepted by our client, and also for trusting us. Hope you can enjoy our rendering project.

Zhanjiang Cultural Center design represents a new landmark building type, she will become the integration of human culture and the natural environment of Zhanjiang catalyst. Cultural symphony in this case as a design idea. To achieve the individual and the whole, the individual and the environment a high degree of common prosperity. The design uses the architect’s original architectural theory and advanced technical support to inspire the individuality of each individual, to integrate the harmony of each element, to create the ultimate resonance of the brilliant effect, and can be achieved through the most economical way.

We use 3DMAX for the modeling at the beginning, after the model is completed and confirmed, we move to next stage-Rendering and Photoshop. We set the tone and environment details for all the renders in advance, to make sure that will come out with what we expect. The rendering stage took a lot of time, we need to make sure the lights and materials texture great. In photoshop, we adjusted the tone and added some backgrounds.

After we finished this project, we received the praise from the client. This is also encourage us to make more achievements in the future.
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Julia Jiang

I’m an Architectural visualization designer, I have been working in this area for over 6 years, and have offered many high quality CGIs for architects and firms to win their competitions and presentations.