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Aron Bodnar
November 23, 2019
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ZINEZŐ is a design themed zine, which uses articles about design and translates them to Hungarian language for educational purposes.

This second Issue is the ZINEZŐ 2 Spring, 2019 was printed with Risograph technology, which means every piece of zine is unique.
Every article in this zine has a unique visual, which represents the article itself.

ZINEZŐis a wordplay that combines the English word zine and the Hungarian word színező, where the latter translates to colouring books.

It started as University project to create a newspaper, and risography as a technique intrigued me greatly. I always enjoyed experimenting with new things, even if they are new only to me. It's a cheeky retro look with neon colours that works really well with the simple geometrical shapes I chose. Interestingly, as we turn forward in the newspaper, the grid system gradually falls apart.

As always, preparations start on a piece of paper. Then it moves onto experimentation in different softwares, such as Adobe Illustrator for the main outlook, Adobe Photoshop for post-editing, Adobe InDesign for typesetting, and as for the photos of my work, Adobe Lightroom.

When it comes to first impressions about the work, both in person and online, it's always the technique that steals the show. The look and feel of it, and especially the fact that it glows in the dark when exposed to neon light. That fact that the design is in line with this retro technique makes it appealing to people of all ages. Old has never been more trendy.

ZINEZŐ is a Design Periodical of the Media and Design Department, Eszterházy Károly University, Hungary.

Aron Bodnar

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