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Zodiac Tea - Energy of the Chakras

Zodiac Tea - Energy of the Chakras

Madeline Persson
October 1, 2016
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In Indian use of meditation and yoga, the Zodiac signs all correspond to specific Chakra centers located within the body. These seven energy centers are located along the spine vertically, and balancing them all results in attunement with nature and inner peace. Directly inspired from this process, Zodiac Tea is a set of stacking tins that also align vertically. The intricate designs are different and unique across the chakras, and align together when stacked. The colors are derived from Indian fabrics and powders and show up across the tins and tea danglers. Art Direction is by Paul Sheriff.

I did some preliminary research on the zodiac and the different ways these signs were incorporated into different cultures. Chakras have always fascinated me, and it was fun to dive into them further. The entire packaging is based off that research; the colors are derived from Indian pastels and that chakras are typically very colorful, the shapes are the intricate line work of henna tattoos.

Everything was done in adobe illustrator. I would start off by sketching the different elements for the chakra illustrations, then scan them in and digitally recreate them. I would align them vertically to get a sense of how they would function on the package, and then play with the colors until I got a palette I felt was right.

I've gotten a very positive response! People seem to be drawn in by the colors and and illustrations, which I love to include in my work. And I've learned more about Chakras and the different zodiac signs in the process.

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