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Marisel Sinta Ramos
September 30, 2022
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‘80s Alien Workout.

Illustration that combines music, fashion and design to share an inspiring moment from the '80s.

As a graphic designer and Illustrator, I like to communicate topics, events, experiences and stories with my work. In this way, this project started when I decided I wanted to pursue a research about the '80s and wondering in which graphic and amusement way I could share it within an illustration.

After doing some research, I focused on four elements: music, fashion, gymnastics and design. From this principles, I decided to combine the four of them with the Alien life, to deliver also a comic story. Traveling to the outer space where people can imagine how the Aliens or themselves -if you have a good imagination- would look if they were part of this event, allowing them to choose their favourite aerobic dance movement.

My design process is founded on several principles which make the core of how to boost innovation, collaboration and fast forward results. For every design story and experience, I immerse myself throughout a brainstorming phase to understand the theme and then a series of sketches to explore the combination of creativity and relevant groundwork. Later on I transform, build, prototype and create proposals and final results which can give value through design. Finally I spread the systems I design to engage and develop new positive relationships within emotions and visual stories.

For this project I used pencil and paper for my sketches, afterwards I did a session of color pallets to understand how to communicate the '80s. Once I had the final drawing and my palette, I trace the design in Adobe illustrator. Having the final design, I decided to have play with material and printing techniques, in order to have '80s Alien prints.

It's been a fun project and relevant process, I've learned in which way I can share stories throughout design and I hope people can understand my work, and just enjoy how I relate with design. Allowing them to be part of my imagination and is possible sharing while being part of my design community.

If you decide you want to be a part of this '80 crew, let me know so I can design your Alien self with your favourite aerobic dance movement.

Marisel Sinta Ramos

Graphic Designer. Dedicated to innovate and design to improve people's lives with a genuine creative flair, and fantastic attention to details, expressions, and emotions. Transforming ideas alongside my imagination to stimulate creativity and innovative thinking.

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