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Eleanor Yang
June 5, 2023
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The animations I create are visual representations of my past life experiences and emotional journeys. By blending elements of imagination and reality, it captures many of the uncertainties, challenges and hopes that have shaped who I am today. Coming from Beijing, I incorporate Chinese characteristics and my own special memories of the nation and culture into my works. Each frame tells a unique story, shows the ups and downs of my personal journey, and provides insight into the complexities of the human experience. The animation reflects the joys and struggles we encounter in life, and it is a powerful reminder of the resilience and strength within us. By sharing this artwork with others, I hope to be able to inspire and encourage them to embrace their own life journey with courage and determination.

My creative ideas come from my personal life and emotions. The style materials and colors in the works are related to my identity background and personal experience. The main colors of this work are red, orange and yellow. Red represents passion, enthusiasm, energy, anxiety and struggle. The double concept of red has been a great help in showing the ups and downs of my life at various stages. Orange and yellow represent hope, energy, future and sunshine. I hope my work can reflect my own life experience by telling my own story. I want to give viewers hope and energy. At the same time, I come from China, so I add elements belonging to Chinese culture, style positioning, and use of red and yellow in my works to show my identity background.

I used cinema 4D, Aftereffect, Redshift render. After locating the theme of the work, I recall and summarize the important points in my past life. Aiming at the emotion and content I want to express, I conducted a large number of cultural element investigations and tried colors. After planning the style, mood and elements of each part, I began to build the scene. During the production process, the most important thing is the adjustment of color, materials and lighting. After making sure these meet my own requirements, I try and adjust the camera. Last but not least, I will test the different parameters of the render to make sure the result is clear.

When people saw my work, they praised me for integrating cultural elements, color and lighting. They can feel the expression and change of my emotions, but their understanding of the content of my past experiences is more abstract. I think this is the first time for me to try the form of a camera to the end, and at the same time to enrich my experience in the use of lighting.

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Eleanor Yang

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