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Automotive design

Automotive design

Berkan Yüksel
January 11, 2020
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Creatively and quickly car skecthing and rendering with no layout no education.Puritalia And Togg Design by me.Recently, ı have been saw which challenges and new car first time for 60 years and ı said 'ı should too' for my country .The concept of Puritalia was for me the first time sketch and design process as well as ı try to myself.

I took inspiration from night because of 1 usually get inspired at night all of these happens spontaneously.I usually prefer the contrast color that best describes the image and I believe it will stand out.I choose challenging things and ı dont usually texture .

All of these thanks to Autodesk Sketchbook .I draw since my childhood agai again try to struggle because one of the best hobbies.I could image how to make design,it's better how i do it etc. Briefly first you should imagine on your minds and after is coming with spontaneously at least for me:)Dont forget Perspective (Viewing and Observing something)is more important things for me.

People Says 'Nice Work Keep pushing ,All of These from you ?etc. peoples often be amazed about my designs and who says wow!No ı didnt ı dont remembering learn my works .People says ' ı wish make too how to design how to rendering etc.

Just Imagine!!!!

Berkan Yüksel

Multidisciplinary person Freelance Industrial designer/Mechanical engineer. Also, check this out on my Youtube Channel.

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