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Candy Circus

Candy Circus

Snizhana Chernetska
December 8, 2016
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This pack was created for the small independent traveling circus, in which candies are sold as souvenirs. These sweets were meant to become a part of memories audience can take back home after the show. Tasty flavors: citrus, chocolate, cake, coconut, chewing gum cast your mind back to childhood.

Minimal style of the pack is based on the simplified circus patterns. Red and white colours create an association not only with the circus itself but also with holidays, especially with Christmas. Design of the pattern is convenient for packs of any size and form. Analogous design was also developed for the prize certificates.

At first I was inspired by the atmosphere of different circuses, costumes and make-up artists. But another step, another way was to find inspiration on paper, get new ideas. The project was created in Illustrator and Photoshop. I developed a few geometric elements and then multiplied them.

The client was more than satisfied with a final product. The candy handy pack itself turned to be very appealing, especially to kids, as small geometric pattern elements are attractive and engaging. The design is simple as well as easy-to-remember.

Snizhana Chernetska

graphic designer

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