Cyber Monolith

Cyberpunks, Hackers, Gamers, Computer Geeks, Robot makers and programmers. They are the makers of the parallel world, which – very predictable according to the scientific imagination – are the true future of technology and responsible for their use and diffusion world. Cyber Monolith is a new architectural innovation that challenges the creation of a future architecture for those called Cyberpunk. It is the true intention to start a legitimate deal with this category and to try to create the right architecture for them. It is a unique customer with his own world and his requirements that need to know the truth in this world

The life of Cyberpunk is based on three basic elements:
1. Live on the edge
2. Style
3. Attitude
Of course,they also need for many different devices, such as the small ones such as laptops, giant ones such as workstations, robots, etc. The subject here is very versatile and very complex and has to be treated very carefully, because these types of users Hidden in darkness

That there weren’t any architectural references in this field, generating this art and imagination to PLANS, SECTIONS, real zones and areas, How to generate this real building with only some artistic designs.
Hence, the biggest challenge was to draw sketches for the environments in films, Comics and games artwork and also to follow their lives, behaviors, and also to know that from real people called Deepwebers
so , my tools were : SCI-FI information resources , Sketches, Modeling and render engines.

In fact, frustration was the master of the situation and depression is the dominant situation throughout the work period on the project, the unprecedented challenge of the jury and the lack of architectural information on the subject, the lack of full knowledge of new users and the nature of the building. HOW to balance the ideas of users, The future of the ideas of science fiction and between the standards of architecture and the ground was the real challenge.
But the surprise was the admiration of the jury of the project, and the continuation of the idea and encouragement, but all that was in the Jury only

The main interaction here is how to get into the building, as you can’t enter it easy only if you are a Pavilion Visitor, so you can take the visitors approach between rocks and mountain covers you. BUT if you are a Geek,Hacker,Gamer,Programmer or any serious user, your journey is very difficult , as you must take your code and discover your way and your entrance among many entrances hidden around MONOLITH and you can discover your entrance by following maze or solve problem related to your field of building activity

Khalid Ghazal

Architect, Lumion Instructor and Graphic Designer.