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Drawlloween by Lindsay Scott

Drawlloween by Lindsay Scott

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October 31, 2015
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Halloween's fast approaching and looks like everyone's excited about it. Ohia based illustrator, Lindsay Scott decided to join a drawing challenge on twitter called "Drawlloween" where they post different artworks everyday until Halloween. Now, let's see her illustrations!


I saw on twitter that there was a Halloween drawing challenge called "drawlloween" where they post a list with a different subject to draw each day in October. I wanted to do more cutesy versions of Halloween things and mess around with texture, environments, lighting, etc.
-Lindsay Scott

Lindsay Scott


I love Halloween, its my favorite holiday and fall is my favorite season so I was excited to draw Halloween stuff. I am inspired by vintage Halloween art as well as so many artists and things around me.
-Lindsay Scott


My style is a little more on the cute side with fun textures. I guess you could maybe call is a bit of sophisticated cute? haha Some huge inspirations for me are brigette barrager, Alex T Smith, Jaqui Lee and Kristyna Litten.
-Lindsay Scott

Drawlloweenghost copy

Hmm lets see, advice..I would say always have fun with what you are drawing and just practice. I didn't start doing much illustration until about a year and a half ago and have just tried to practice as much as I can. I take bits and pieces of styling that I like and then work it into a way that is my own.
-Lindsay Scott

pumpkin copy

About Lindsay Scott

Lindsay Scott "previously Dale as she recently got married" is from Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from the Columbus college of Art and Design with a degree in graphic design. She currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, 2 bunnies and a dog. She currently works for American Greetings as an illustrator. See more of her works on Behance or her website.

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