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Interior of a room - Conceptual project - Unbuilt

Interior of a room - Conceptual project - Unbuilt

Karim Coptan
January 23, 2023
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"Interior of a room" is a conceptual project that I developped as I was studying Rhino with V-ray plug in. It is composed of a rectangular room that has all the required furniture (cabinet/library,tv,cloth attachements...) and lighting systems. The room should transmit a warmth and sensible feeling to the user.

Initially the project was generated for practice usage than it evolved to become one of the best rooms that I have done. As mentioned before, I wanted to design a space that gives this warm feeling, having also a sensible approach. So I used wood as the main material for both flooring and furniture since it has both color and texture that express the sensibilities that I desired to reflect. Plus, I used painted gray like concrete plaster to have this contrast in my visuals since it is considered a cold color and texture. As for the lighting systems, I installed small rectangular spotlights in the middle of the room and some additional ones next to the painting. so it could lighten the whole room.

I used mainly Rhino with V-ray plug in to accomplish these visuals. I started by creating a simple rectangular room. Later I placed the bed in a position where the user can feel at ease while moving around the room. I furnished the rest accordingly and rationally.

People reflected that the project expresses the feelings of realism, warmth and a confortable sens of designing a room. I learned many skills, techniques and effects that will enhance my design capabilities and visuals.

Karim Coptan

My name is Karim Coptan, I am an architect.I have completed my studies at the Lebanese American University and graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture and Design.I love to design innovative and sustainable projects that would contribute to the well being of humanity and the environment.

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