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Lobster Cars

Lobster Cars

Chris Becker
January 9, 2017
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Floating in still waters in the harbors of Maine, the lobster cars stand sentinel in the quiet moments between twilight and the coming darkness. Their shapes and lines recalled the ice fishing houses of my childhood in Minnesota. I used a skiff to boat out in the harbor to capture these images.

I'm from Minnesota, USA, very cold state in the US. I grew up on a lake with ice houses on it in the winter so this was familiar to me. I love the mystery and ethereal scenery. I also love that people want to know more about these images. Where, what, how, etc?

Just used a camera and a boat. When the weather conditions were favorable, I would boat out in the harbor (where there are about 5 lobster cars) . I choose to focus on each individual house. After many times booating out in the harbor, I processed the images in photoshop (just basic editing) and that it.

Most everyone seemed to love it which as great. I learned to be more careful with my equipment, especially around salt water. One of my cameras got a a little splash of water but that's all it took. A had a Canon Mark III that died because of that. Basically whenever shooting outside, just be prepared.

Chris Becker

American Photographer (fine art /documentary)
1970 Born, raised in Minnesota
Currently resides in Kennebunkport, Maine

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