Minimalist logos of Georgian movies

Have you ever seen the movie in one logo?
The cinematography always was a source of inspiration for people of different professions and fields.
There is a cinematography beyond plenty of design concept and brand identity. According to the current experience, I thought it would be interesting to create logo design inspired by well-known Georgian movies.

The history of cinematography in Georgia begins in parallel with European one. Over the course of 110 years of existence of Georgian cinema, Georgian Film studio produced about 900 full-length feature, television and short films, about 1600 documentary and popular science and up to 500 animated films. Georgian film has been acknowledged at almost all notable film festivals or forums, including Cannes, Berlinale, Venice, Oberhausen, Rome, Moscow, etc.

When I started working on this project, I once again watched the masterpieces of Georgian cinematography because i should transform their scenario and ideology into the logo design. It must have been clear for any person who had seen the film and my goal was to get people interested in who didn’t know Georgian cinematography.
Today the world speaks of the language of visual design and these minimalist logos would be digital fingerprint of Georgian movies.

I will recall my previous project “Pirosmani’s digital lookbook”, which was part of a joint event of the Georgian National Museum and Geolab. The idea was to bring the NIko pirosmani’s artworks into digital space. An interesting experience was the process of turning the painting into graphic illustrations.
As always, culture and art masterpieces are mainly found in museum space and I think Georgian cultural heritage gives us the greatest potential for new visions. Like ,,Pirosmani’s digital lookbook”, minimalist logo designs of Georgian movies would be a transformation of art into a digital world.

Tatia koberidze

Visual storyteller from Georgia