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Miss Mushy Illustration by Ceci Lam

Miss Mushy Illustration by Ceci Lam

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August 17, 2015
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Miss Mushy Family is a personal illustration series by graphic designer Ceci Lam. They are a group of ladies who like fashion. They have their own lifestyle and language that others don't understand. Ceci just wanted people to realize that the Mushy family do exist in another world.

How did you come up with the design?
One day, I went to work in the morning. I saw a tiny white mushroom on the roadside. I was deeply shocked to see the mushroom can survive there and I took the photo of the mushroom. However, I couldn't find the mushroom the day after. Did the Mushroom escape from the roadside? So, I believe they do have their thoughts and go to find their dreamworld.

-Ceci Lam

Miss Mushy by Ceci Lam Miss Mushy by Ceci Lam

The things that inspired me were the colors of mushrooms. I wanted to give the different colors to that tiny white mushroom so she can have different personalities. I actually don't have any particular style. I just want to draw what I see and what I think. Everything I see in my daily life or even in my dreams will be an inspiration.

-Ceci Lam

Miss Mushy by Ceci LamMiss Mushy by Ceci LamMiss Mushy by Ceci Lam

Miss Mushy by Ceci Lam

No detail is too small. Every little thing can change into a master piece. Haha.

-Ceci Lam

About Ceci Lam

Ceci Lam is an illustrator and animator based in Hong Kong. She enjoys life, drawing, and craft. Ceci likes to travel around and explore new things. She draw inspiration from surrounding and turn ordinary elements into her artwork. See more of her work at Behance.

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