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Nepal by Diego Arroyo

Nepal by Diego Arroyo

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October 24, 2015
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Photographer Diego Arroyo's photo series Nepal was shot after a devastating earthquake rocked Nepal. The earthquake on April 25, 2015 which measured 7.8 magnitude killed a lot of people and destroyed a lot of households and lives. Diego wanted to capture the culture and beauty of people despite the catastrophe.

Diego Arroyo

Diego Arroyo

This series was taken in Nepal, months before the terrible earthquakes of 2015. It intends to portray the immense value of its culture and the beauty and kindness of its people.
-Diego Arroyo



I´m specially interested in ancient cultures and traditions. It´s great to find out and capture universal expressions in such remote cultures. I find it wonderful to be able to make people from extremely different backgrounds and culture relate and connect with each other, to find truth in the eyes of strangers. That´s probably my main goal at the moment.
When we connect in such way, cultural differences seem insignificant.
-Diego Arroyo




I always say it was Steve McCurry´s work which inspired me in the beginning. I also love Sebastian Salgado´s work. Who would´t, right? But still, there are so many amazing professionals out there, it would be impossible to make list.
-Diego Arroyo




Train the eye, and keep yourself motivated. Only when we do work for ourselves, not having other people´s opinions in mind, we come up with something really interesting, personal and unique.
-Diego Arroyo




I used a Canon 5D Mark II for this project.
-Diego Arroyo




About Diego Arroyo

Diego Arroyo is a Spanish art director and passionate photographer. He travels around the world in search of the subtle: a smile, a wink of complicity, that special look that reveals our true and intimate essence. His challenge is to try and catch the story behind the eyes of strangers, the underlying magic that deserves to be seen and usually remains unnoticeable. See more of his works on Behance or his Facebook Page.

One comment on “Nepal by Diego Arroyo”

  1. Breathtaking! That is really the only word that I can think of to adequately explain this series. Really, very nice.

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