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Polyhedral organizations

Polyhedral organizations

Sofía Barreiro
March 26, 2020
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Column generated from 7 modules which were positioned one
above the other in an opposite way, that is, in an interleaved way. The modules
were mirrored to generate a unified surface which, thanks to the curve and
countercurve of said mirroring, generates a continuous curvature.

It came thanks to a morphological study at university, which helped me to choose both color and shape.
Everything came up whit a base polyhedron, in my case, the rhombicuboctahedron,
I had to intervene generating new surfaces and curves in it. Once I had the final desing and shape, I decided the color.

I first did the 3D model using Rhinoceros, I rendered it using Keyshot and finally, create a presentation template using Illustrator.
For the model / sculpture, I 3D printed the skeleton and then cover it with putty until it was ready and perfect to paint.

It was a good project for me and my teachers. I learned the value of combining curves and surfaces on an existent volume. I also learned the importance of balance and harmony in a design when it comes to intervening something.

Sofía Barreiro

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