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Filipe Reis
October 29, 2017

The Princess's bedroom, the focus of this project was to show the illumination and comfort acquired. We made this project in partnership with the CASATUA Architecture office.
A clear and quiet environment for children from 2 to 6 years.
There is a space with bench for study and reading between cabinets.

I integrated pastel colors and off white, to bring a feeling of calm to the environment, together with the warm and indirect lighting of the castle, help to compose a comfortable space for the child.
A wooden floor, to leave the space warmer and to counter with the light tones.

I used the 3D Max software for the modeling of the environment, the bed with the details in Rattan was modeled completely in the own software, to compose the cushions some were made in the Marvelous, and all the materials and Lights were made in Corona Render, including the own Render.

Everyone loved the project and many people said they would like to do this project for their children! I really enjoyed doing this project, I was able to apply techniques of color composition and lighting, plus a project in which the client was satisfied and happy.

Filipe Reis

My name is Filipe Reis, I am Producer of Digital Media. My work and dedication is focused on the production of 3D images, with total professionalism. Our services are designed for studios, architects, advertisers, designers and real estate investors. I have more than 5 years experience in architectural visualizations on various projects, a complete understanding of the relationship and the needs between architecture, art, design and 3D production, in creating architectural visualizations.

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