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Qonto Alpha Card Branding

Qonto Alpha Card Branding

Charles Akpabio
March 11, 2024
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The Alpha card is Qonto's premium card specifically made to target the titans of industry.

In order to gain traction on social media, I created a set of three 15s videos that highlight different features of the card.

This brand universe highlights the steps taken to create a campaign focused on generating buzz around the premium design and also making users want to buy

In order to take advantage of website traffic, I created a set of Google Display Network Banners that use catchy copy to bring attention to the CTAs.

I was inspired by a couple of Neo Banks that implored that also offered premium cards to their customers. Seeing as this card is meant for business elite, I decided to go with a Black theme which signifies both luxury and class which is synonymous to the target demographic.

The tools used for this project were Blender for the 3D animation of the card, After Effects for compositing and text animation and Premiere Pro for final edits and sound.

The project was generally well received as the messaging was clear, concise and appealed to the target demographic

Charles Akpabio

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