Spiro is the concept of a multi-dose inhaler for asthmatic users, aimed at helping them to control their crises more effectively, in a discreet and comfortable way, with an aesthetic character. Thus, better management of the inhaler is presented in view of the conditions of each user, so that they can maintain their quality of life.

Spiro inhaler was created to respond to the Community Design project proposal, #breathebetterwithcs, presented by Creative Session.​​​​​​​


Most people do not adequately administer asthma medication because of factors such as the market’s own aesthetic of the product and costs.

A range of solutions was developed through research and a brainstorming process that helped explore possibilities: from small surface changes to component modifications. To optimize the interaction of the product with the user, we improve the ergonomics, adherence to the inhaler and the use of the same, such as the possibility of increasing the dosage for the treatment.

The device assumes distinct, iconic and stands out from the current devices that are in the market, without having changed the architecture of the internal device and the associated technologies.
The product comes from meeting the emotional needs and daily practices of its customers, with the creation of an inhaler that is assumed to be personal and accessible; which fits into the lifestyle of each user.


The rapid design phase was done over a three-day period where loose sketches quickly became CAD models and persuasive renderings were produced for the minimum viable product.

I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator for the development and for the end I do 3d model with Rhinoceros.
For concretize the project I make 3D rendering with Keyshot 6.

The Spiro Inhaler project was very well received and I learned a lot during the process.

This is a project that responds to a proposal made by the Community Design.
As designers, we should think for the sake of the community as it is the user that will come into contact with the product. It can influence a consumer’s confidence, for that, building consistency throughout the experience is fundamental. Understanding these considerations helps us inform, interact, and ultimately create a positive user experience.nce.

Daniel Pinto

Daniel Pinto is a Portuguese designer. After graduating in Product Design in 2014, he soon joined the Gen Design Studio team, which has brought him the opportunity to work on multiple projects on a wide scale. Among these are AT&T and Tekzenit, as well as several others.

An adventurous soul, he immerses himself in the local cultures wherever he lives, Daniel’s sensibility for the subtle nuances of shapes and sounds inspire his design.

His work focuses on creating meaningful product experiences that connect brands to the physical world, he wants to explore the possibilities of design through function and material. He works intuitively in creating concepts and objects, aiming for an immediate connection with the user, and raising relevant contemporary issues.