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VOLVO U.L.L.A Power Boat

VOLVO U.L.L.A Power Boat

Smitesh Chavanke
January 13, 2017
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VOLVO Cars Collaboration with VOLVO Penta leads to the birth of a whole new product. Volvo Cars are setting the automotive design standards at a very remarkable rate. Having a sister company who excels in manufacturing the best marine transportation technology the merger would result in the creation of powerboat market. As some of the automotive brands are already moving towards the trend of yachting the market was a fair playground for Volvo to set an example.

Today the marine transportation is resulting in water pollution on a massive scale resulting in the loss of oceans. The boat is mainly powered by electric energy which is drawn from the the electric rechargeable hyper batteries stored in the hull. The power is then divided into three propellor assemblies provided by Volvo Penta. Each motor produces around 900 kW (1200 hp) totaling upto 2700 kW (3600 hp) giving the craft the top speed of 52 knots. A mile extender is also provided with an inbuilt hybrid engine which activates in terms of emergencies.

The front roof is equipped with paint infused solar cells which charge from the sun and the energy generated is in turn used for lighting the main deck and interior lighting in the evening. The craft is also loaded with a drone which is used for terrain mapping and SOS. The drone reads the ocean and wind patterns and sends data back to the craft. The owner can configure a sail path through the holographic projection which displays data from the drone.

The craft has two driving modes, auto captain and captain. In the first mode the craft is set on a certain sail path and it follows it while the owner is having fun on the deck. In the Rush mode the controls of the craft are transferred to the owner where he can play with his toy. Leisure and Luxury with the blend of safety and concern toward the oceans the VOLVO ULLA serves it purpose.

The dual feel of the design depicts the bond of two brands. The inner hull is representation of Volvo Penta which signifies the strength and power while the white superstructure enveloped around it shows the Purity and Safety factor drawn from the Volvo Cars. The boat is set on 12 meter private yacht package.

To conclude The boat signifies an experience of adrenaline and luxury hand in hand with the safety and conservation factor.

Thank You.

Softwares used for the Project were Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. The CAD Design was done using 3DS Max. The initial sketching was done using traditional paper and pencil and the final sketches were furthermore refined on Photoshop. Once the Design was finalized the CAD modeling was done.

The response was really positive. The Project Got featured in various categories on Behance and some Design Websites as well. As we are heading towards and era where the natural resources are depleting at an alarming rate and the pollution is rising i thought that it was time to clean the oceans by introducing full electric marine transportation. The Idea of Choosing Volvo as a brand was because they really care for the environment and the live forms living in it. The brand is rapidly shifting towards autonomous and pollution free systems of transportation.

Smitesh Chavanke

Aspiring Yacht and Automotive Designer

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