Wirawan House

This house was conceived as a modern rationalist house with neo modernist influence. The house consists of clustering of 4 bedrooms arranged by wonderful scene, playing of solid void in the compact site. The overall composition ties these buildings together in a harmonious arrangement. The expression itself arranged by solid wooden box which shows lightness by touching the ground lightly. The circulation through the building is organised around a sequence of views that progressively move in hierarchy to more private area. The attention of to the play of light and shadow, created through a combination of materials and artificial and natural light is fundamental to the design of the house and evokes the quietude of such a retreat house which stated by its gentle architecture.

It is easier to restate the idea from our client’s brief:

“I want a house. A house to retreat, to relax with my family,” explains homeowner Mr. Wirawan in his brief to Realrich Sjarief. Reflected by owner’s name, Wirawan House forest wood, Size-wise it is inconspicuous, but its exposed brassed wood facade gives it a humble look.

We started with hand drawing the forest concept, and how to kept sense of nature within house. So, we decided to scatter the garden and made light opening all around the house. The artwork then processed with regular image processor, and the final product were shot by Eric Dinardi.

It responded very well, in fact we choose it as one of our best work, which can be seen here: http://raw.co.id/theguild/portfolio/

In this project we learn numerous type of wood surface articulation. 5 types of local Wood was picked based on each unique character. First is, dried pine wood 180 mm x 30 mm x 3000 mm, for the facade, and 85 mm x 10 mm x 3000 mm for the ceiling. Pine wood was chosed because of the durability and the lightness. Second, reused Iron wood which is most durable material used for phinisi boat, combined with bengkirai wood which is more economic for the less walkable space is used for indoor – outdoor decking because of the texture, durability, and economic. Teakwood is used for main area bedroom, library, and foyer area, and merbau wood 300mm x 480 mm x 2800 mm combined in single door is used for door because of its tolerance on expansion, the most available material in Jakarta.

The architecture of Tropical Open House separated the service on the ground floor, lifted the building floats with living room, and master bedroom on the first floor and bedroom for three children in the second floor. The composition is designed by designing multiple small landscape based on view from each intimate spaces, this way the heat is reduced by facing the opening to the north south side while opening the skylight and the window to let air and light in. The house has one receiving area then no more separation wall at the first floor which is living room. In the living room, the kitchen also takes some importance its final layout is the result of few adjustments based on the owner’s domestic habits. The only enclosed space in the second storey is Wirawan’s study, which doubles as a library and his space to remember memory for his family. A simple foyer and a light well integrated with stair, and art work is placed after the receiving area. The second story houses private spaces. At the end of the corridor is 2 bedrooms of his daughter’s equipped with suite bathroom and a walk-in closet. An outdoor feel showering area is attached to the bathroom, while the surface connecting its indoor and outdoor area is made of clear glass. The material used in this building is choosed based on the best craftmenship available in Jakarta.

An additional bedroom, bathroom and a multi function room linked by a corridor leading to an open space beside the void leading to the stairwell and stair case, a pretty bow to knot the horizontal and vertical circulations together. The project installed storm water harvesting and reuses it in water landscaping. While storm water harvesting is increasingly common in some countries, it is still a rare, exceptional facility in Indonesia, one that this project was determined to have in this home. The attention of to the play of light and shadow, created through a combination of materials and artificial and natural light is fundamental to the design of the house and evokes the quietude of such a retreat house which stated by its architecture.


Realrich Sjarief established R A W Architecture in 2011. He reestablished the long history of craftsmanships in his builder’s family that has been lasted for 3 generations, 60 years of practice since Indonesia Independence. At that time the practice has no name. The relationship between the supervisors and labours was intimate and personal to service some clients. The practice is well known on trust, quality, and its authentic design innovation in the mastery of building construction in Indonesia. RAW Architecture which stands for Realrich Architecture workshop has grown reputations on winning several International and National Architecture design awards including prestigious National Gallery of Indonesia. The firm has worked for more than 300 Architectural projects and 110 open and limited competitions ranged from small scale product design to large scale mixed use development and master planning of more than 200 hectares of development. In 2012, his work, Bare Minimalist was nominated for Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta Award. In 2015, National Gallery of Indonesia was nominated for Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta Recognition Award, continously Akanaka is nominated as Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta Award 2017 and Omah Library won Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta Award 2017.

He worked for Norman Foster, well known for integration of Building and Technology. He graduated from Insitute Technology of Bandung, and University of New South Wales which he was awarded International Planning Workshop Award. In Foster and Partners Realrich was involved in several projects such as Masdar Carbon Zero City, YTL Headquarters in Malaysia, and Baku, Azerbaijan TOD linkage. Over the last ten years, Realrich has been involved in major projects throughout Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Karachi, Azerbaijan, Timor Leste, Incheon, Philippines and Vietnam.