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María Torres
June 29, 2018
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Zenit is a portable speaker designed to be used when the user needs to relax. It has tactile sensors to allow the user to control the volume and adjust the intensity of the light that emanates from the middle fringe of its structure.
The website design is made with the zen style introducing the user in a relaxing and meditating atmosphere.

Starting with the device being designed with a base to a spiritual philosophy, we have included natural materials such as light wood, stone, etc.
Light is another relevant factor in our project, illuminating in a subtle and indirect way all the interactive parts like the buttons and the section bar, this way achieving a soft and relaxing environment.

For the 3D creation of the speaker we used CATIA.
Once finished the geometry, we introduced the materials with the software 3D Studio Max and we created the scenarios of light and final images, making a final retouch, with Adobe Photoshop.
For the development of the website we used Adobe Flash.

Zenit had a very good academic assessment, rising as the project with the best rating out of all.
It wasn't an easy project, the advantages were that every member of the group had different digital knowledge and we were able to combine them really well.

María Torres

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