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Behind every successful person is a spine.

Behind every successful person is a spine.

Emma Cheng
November 25, 2019
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A series of coasters was made for Taiwan Spinal Cord Injury Association. I redesigned more attractive layout than traditional textbook to catch the eyes of public, and to arouse public's attention of spinal cord injury. 10% of profits was donated to Taiwan Spinal Cord Injury Association.

I've done medical illustration for a while. The correctness and details are very important in medical illustration, which makes color pencil a great media. I also love the texture and warmth of hand drawing which reflects my experience of medicine: interior warmth although appearing superficial coldness. I always try to present medicine in a warm way.
In the beginning of this project, I just shared some vertebrae illustrations on my Facebook and many people loved them. So I thought "why don't I sell them to the public and help those who are in need?" I visited spinal cord injury association in Taiwan to figure out what they need and organized this project. It turned out being very popular. I wish I can do more projects that helps people with needs in healthcare, and change general public's attitude towards disease.

I use color pencils to draw on pieces of paper, scan them, and organized them in Photoshop. To make medical gifts, I chose the high quality manufacturer in Taiwan to make sure my picture is printed in high resolution and decrease color differences. A lot of tries and errors happened during the process. Figuring out the better quality in each steps is what I'll always do.

Since the name of this project comes from the quote "Behind every successful person is a woman", the project piqued people's interest soon. The set of coasters became my bestseller at that time. I think medical stuff is hard for people outside of healthcare to understand. A more attractive way to eliminate the distances between general public and professionals will definitely improve public health. I also learned that medical non-profit organizations are very in need of funding. However, they are not good as business companies in promoting their mission and value to arouse people's attention. I'm still learning too, but I'm glad I have the opportunity of leveraging my skills to change something.

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Emma Cheng

Emma Cheng, is a medical doctor and medical artist who has deeply experienced both medicine's superficial coldness and its interior warmth. Beginning when designing medical art gifts for healthcare professionals friends, her passion for bridging people inside and outside healthcare system turned into the idea to start a brand. Guided by these values, she has transformed this concept into different creative products, which accompany people in their daily lives and show the invaluable companion of medicine and health.

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