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Therapy is not just theraphy

Therapy is not just theraphy

Natalia Tkachenko
October 11, 2019
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It's p ersonal project I initiated during March 2019.
The idea came to me for a cup of morning tea when my husband and I were discussing one of the psychology lectures we had heard the day before.
Vegetables and fruit at the therapist's office.
So similar to us.
Or are we so similar to them with our problems.
Comic style.
Fun characters.

I Drawn with great love for psychoanalysis:)
I've studied a lot about Freud's psychology in particular.
And inspired by the work of Sigmund Freud.
Comic style is my favorit at last time.
I'd like to see more comics in periodicals or street advertising.

I mainly used Adobe Adobe Photoshop as main tool for my ilustrations.
And I use Procreate for sketching at Ipad Pro.
It's a great replacement for paper, scanning, etc.
For me, this is the most convenient and fastest form of combining two programs for quick work.

A lot of people be humorous about my work. And they will understand that a lot of our problems are not as big as they seem.
I have been surprised by the responses to my comics. Many of them have been positive. I have told myself my entire life that I can’t write but with comics and graphic novels writing and narrative is an integral part of the art. This has led me to push myself harder to compose better stories not just pretty images. I also seek out more critical feedback which I think has helped me improve my style. If anything the biggest thing I have learned is that the only way to get better at comics is to make more of them! It’s really the only way to improve.

Natalia Tkachenko

I am russian illustrator based in Moscow. I have a degree in philosophy. But I work with illustration. Maybe that's why my ideas are sometimes so strange.

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