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Bathroom N°25

Bathroom N°25

John Bernilla
March 31, 2023
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This conceptual proyect was about exploring the overhead light in a private space, and how it can add so much drama to the final renders.

t started with some drawings and images that i use as an inspiration for color, lighting, camera position, etc. The use of expose concrete was key to combine the wood and steel that complement the space and gives protagonism to the individual elements.

3dsmax + Vray + Photoshop.
After that i have and idea of what i wanted, i started to model it in 3dsmax and try many types of lightning so the scene can look very natural. and for last, the renders were pass to Photoshop to add some details, recover colors, give constrast, and some other tecniques, so it can look as touching as possible.

People really like the project, I learn a lot from it, about frame, lightning, textures, etc.

John Bernilla

I'm an architect, specialized in architectural vizualization for real state. With more than 6 years in the field i start my own studio BIT • Archviz Studio, to help studios all over the world to bring ideas into photorealism.

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