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Car Sketch

Car Sketch

Christophe Boiron
September 24, 2019
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As freelance PSA designer I'm happy to present you some work based on Psa brand:
several car proposal, such as Peugeot 2008 with SUV Cross over style, Citroen C5 Aircross with SUV Cross over style , Opel insigna , Simca 1200 S which is a revival project.

The Peugeot concept inspiration was focused on the front look of a predator with some sharp shape.
The Citroën and the Opel skech inspiration was focused on the new head lamp attitude of the brand.
The Simca car concept inspiration was focused on the iconic Simca 1200 S.

For this project I mainly used Adobe Photoshop
The process begins with pen and paper sketches.I generally start with a side view to get a good idea of the proportions and profile of the car.Once I am happy I will explore a range of details that tie in to the design from all angles. Once I have developed a solid direction on paper I scan in a few sketches and refine them digitally in Photoshop.

The project has only recently been made public so I haven’t had much feedback from the online community yet.
What i learnt "Give emotion with an object is the key, the object must seem alive."
I am constantly learning and growing as I work.

For more information:

Christophe Boiron

freelance Automotive and product designer, I'm working for PSA group

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